The Reality of Our True Nature

Why do I continue to learn and grow?  Why do I continue empowering others to do the same as well?  


This is what I personally know. Without awareness and understanding of soul's infinite, divine blueprint, our minds can quickly become cluttered and bogged down from the drama and chaos current events are unleashing around this world. Minds cluttered and bogged down become confused and resistant to change, growth and potential.


In reality our true nature is constantly evolving, yet our human mind can quickly feel limited if perceiving events through just five senses.  


Through our five senses, our minds observe an event and create perceptions, a.k.a. recorded stories.  These stories can hook our minds into falsely believing they are more significant than their intended purpose.


Are events occuring around the world meaningful and hold value? Absolutely!  Yet, their intention is to serve soul's desire to evolve itself through human potentialities.


Nurturing awareness, in alignment with our divine blueprint, can move mountains beyond our five senses. Discoveries for greater good can step into play through accessing higher wisdom.  Self love and acceptance can continue to help our minds stay present to soul's purpose unfolding through current events.


We're in this space together, so let's play nice, love fiercely and discover the enriching possibilities our true nature came to explore, express and experience.


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In the Trenches there are Treasures

Below is an interesting quote that resonated with some of patterns and beliefs I've worked through.  

"But it is often in the trenches that the truth is most apparent" ~ Dr Barbara Rhodes

In the trenches I feel naked, exposed, vulnerable; facing what life is dishing up.  It's the space I greet my greatest fears of uncertainties, insecurities and illusions; yet deeper down it's also where treasures, truth and the heart of a matter are discovered.

It's where I immerse in stillness, acceptance, courage and hope; surrendering attachments no longer serving my potential.  It's where soul intuitively offers peace and presence of power; absent the masks personality wears as female, mother, daughter, sister, friend and human.  The treasures discovered then fill my heart with love, gratitude and transformation through fears; discovering infinite joy in the midst of life's messy, unpredictable curve balls.

Til next time...Namaste,


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Moving Mountains are Possible with the Right Tools

After experiencing a spiritual awakening many moons ago, life forever changed my view of the world.  I no longer felt like the same person.  For some who thought they knew me, including my first spouse, it was freaking scary.

In the midst of intense circumstances my heart sought refuge towards wanting to understand the phrase, "we can move mountains".  

Intuitive guidance shared, "many face internal/external mountains (circumstances) yet bring the wrong tool or resource.  Rather than using hope and faith in the same ways moles (tunnel boring machines) tunnel through an actual mountain, mind's clutter views them as tiny spoons."  

Understanding the power behind hope and faith soul knows enhances their effect, in perfect alignment with evolving potential; by granting intuition opportunity to offer the perfect resources that can resolve the circumstance in perfect timing.

When mind and hearts are one in conscious alignment with soul, hope and faith can pack a mighty punch straight through to the other side.  

Our soul provides divine power and energy to move through any mountain (circumstance).

Til Next time...Namaste,




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Walking on Water

It's easy walking on water once the anchors of internal clutter are cleared; freeing mind to rise about the drama clutter creates  ~ vgw


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Til next time, Namaste


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