Authenticity - Reality of Love

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I believe each of us are an individual soul, interdependently connected by the same air we breathe yet collectively woven into One tapestry with Eternal Life Source.  In reality, there is only love and once we graciously allow ourselves to be truly acknowledged and validated by the heart of Divine Love, our authenticity dances with blissful abandonment for the breath of life humanity has preciously been endowed. 

Preparation - Energy in Motion

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I remember creating intentions for change seemed to unfold effortlessly upon understanding the alchemy of aligning inner perceptions to be one with highest good.  

Making preparations in your heart while anticipating change sends a message to our subconscious mind, which in turn gathers the evidence to manifest in outer reality.  It is the alchemy behind "what you shall sow, you will reap", in living color.

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Sisterhood with Women's March

Regardless of whether or not you were for or against the march of women over the weekend, the one component that activated inspiration was witnessing masses of women using their minds, voices and bodies in unity with one another.  

Article written from William Henry - click on this link for the article  

New York Times sharing pics of the Masses of united women around the world

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Are Carrots healthy For You?

Read a great article about carrots from the ezine Eating Healthy by Verywell.  I use carrots in a multitude of ways, especially since they are good for the eyes and have great fiber.  I actually made a kale and black eye pea soup with carrots included that was so tasty! As we mature, our bodies produce less enzymes and raw veggies are great for that.  Since this is a veggie that does contain sugars, just be mindful of the amount you consume, otherwise get creative with them, as they are available year round in most markets!

Benefits of Carrots


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