Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes


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It's been an interesting fall season. Intuitive guidance helped towards attracting a new, personal space which I'm absolutely in love with; after choosing to let go of a home filled with 27 years of raising three children.  

The letting go opened up space for intuitive guidance to bring the perfect match to my personality. Learning learning curve reminder; always begin in the heart.

End of October completed a year and 1/2 wading process towards completion of an uncontested divorce; focusing on trusting there are neither villians nor heroes playing roles in this journey; it simply became the best decision for greater growth and expansion towards being true to who I am.

The biggest piece of the puzzle; finding ways for heart and mind to stay open and compassionate in the healing process. 

Like a pheonix rising from the ashes, consciously closing the door on a partner choosing not to be open within himself finally gave me the courage to honor self love and acceptance above all else.

In closing, am sharing lyrics of a song by Hozier from the movie "The legend of Tarzan", called Better Love   ~ here's the link on youtube if you'd like a visual.  It's delicious :)


"Better Love"


I once kneeled in shaking thrill

chasing memory of it still, of every chill

Chided by the silence of a hush sublime

Blind to the purpose of the brute divine


But you and I

Staring in the blackness at some distant star

The thrill of knowing how alone we are, unknown we are

To the wild and to the both of us

I confessed the longing I was dreaming of

Some better love,


But there's no better love

that beckons above me, there’s no better love

that ever has loved me, there's no better love

Darling, feel better love, feel better love


And I've never loved a darker blue

Than the darkness I’ve known in you, owned from you

You, whose heart would sing of anarchy

You would laugh at meanings, guarantees, so beautifully

When our truth is burned from history

By those who figured justice in fond memory, witness me

Like fire weeping from a cedar tree

Know that my love would burn with me

We'll live eternally


Cause there's no better love

that beckons above me, there's no better love

that ever has loved me, there's no better love

darling, feel better love


Cause there's no better love

laid beside me, there's no better love

that justifies me, there's no better love

So darling, darling, feel better love


Feel better love,

Feel better love

Feel better love,

Feel better love


Cause there's no better love

that beckons above me, there's no better love

that ever has loved me, there's no better love

So darling, feel better love


Cause there's no better love

that's laid beside me, there's no better love

that justifies me, there's no better love

So darling, feel better love

Feel better love





Benefits of working with stones and crystals

Being empathic and intuitive, telepathic information flowing through senses at an early age was overwhelming at times.  In those days most weren't educated about energy fields and how to pause, breath, then intuitively discern differences between our own and another's.

The lack of information oftentimes led to sensory overload; based on being clueless on how to deal with stuff being given. Through research and practicing a variety of healing modalities, one of the resources I've found works effortlessly is working with stones and crystals.  

They carry life force and help energy fields shift without having to use any particular regime in the process.  

Every thing on our planet carries a range of energetic vibrations.  More and more science shares how our energy fields work in tandem with others, plants, minerals, animals and the universe.  

Our mind and body operate as one, yet most of us unconsciouly learned ways to sacrifice tuning into body's wisdom by giving our power away to others; or disconnecting our heart by living in some mental, virtual reality as we go through daily routines.  

The stones help with relaxing into a truer essence; opening space for body's intuitive wisdom to reveal the best course of experiencing greater wholeness as a human; soul, mind and body. 


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Love is Wisely Calling


It's been awhile since I've's been quite an adventure.  Love beckons and my heart is wide open to listen ~ Love says, "LIVE to LOVE through LOVING all choices created to be experienced" 



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Worthy Enough

The quote below can apply to any relationship.  Am definitely becoming more aware of the feelings of disappointment whenever agreeing to fit into containers (roles) dishonoring true essence in the first place.  

Therein lies the litmus test ~ am I creating disappointment or mental cluster f... from settling for an unfullfilling job or relationship?

As infinite consciousness in a human body we are meant to express and experience soul's purpose in the adventures called life.

The question to ask intuitive wisdom when someone or something in life has created lots of clutter or resistance; am I on the right path, or have I taken a detour?



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Are Carrots healthy For You?

Read a great article about carrots from the ezine Eating Healthy by Verywell.  I use carrots in a multitude of ways, especially since they are good for the eyes and have great fiber.  I actually made a kale and black eye pea soup with carrots included that was so tasty! As we mature, our bodies produce less enzymes and raw veggies are great for that.  Since this is a veggie that does contain sugars, just be mindful of the amount you consume, otherwise get creative with them, as they are available year round in most markets!

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