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Time to Step into Your Best

2017 is a number 1 year, numerically.  This year is definitely one where, energetically, greater emphasis and focus can be placed on discovering ways to create and experience the very best you desire to be and experience in any moment.  

If there's any perception that has you feeling less than the magnificent miracle you truly are, it's time to clear out debris causing distortion; as you are the ultimate designer of your life and have divine power in choosing thoughts that create behaviors; that create actions; that create perfect results.  As divine beings, we are always creating; our outer environment a reflective mirror of our internal thoughts, feelings and perceptions.  

Love is the most powerful energy there is, it is the ultimate flashlight to shed light upon perceptions that may over be shadowing your glorious self.  Below am sharing a quote I recently found and have come to adore!

~Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more~ Dee Wallace

If you find yourself needing to be reminded of how grand and glorius you truly are - send an email with LOVE SELF in the subject line.  I'll be more than happy to assist you in remembering!

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Hierarchy and Titles

Wrote this after experiencing such a difference in the way some employees are listened to and treated based on Hierarchy titles in a Corporate America environment vs one that encourages and validates growth and progression for all.


Experts in the fields of science state some humans want a hierarchy in their work and society environments; it makes them feel safe and secure.  If you’ve been around a while like myself, you’ve observed how this system has woven itself through the fabric of time and space in tapestries of king/queen ruler vs subject mentalities, and further back, in biblical tapestries of master vs slave mentalities  


In the present hierarchy titles are woven in tapestries of government vs. citizen mentalities, as well as corporate tapestreis of boss vs. employee mentalities.


Seems the ushering of an Industrial Age created the tapestry of boss vs employee hiearchy; humans opting to trade time for money receiving income by helping create profit for someone else’s endeavor vs. their own. 


For some it’s a good fit.  Perhaps some humans do feel more secure with a hierarchy in place; having someone else making decisions for them.  


Yet, what I’ve personally observed more often than not, are environments where greater emphasis is placed on hierarchy and titles.  


Within this framework, humans eventually  becoming anxious, compartmentalized, segregated and disconnected from experiencing a workspace that encourages all the strengths and talents everyone can bring to the equation.


Where are workspaces that foster a concept of the "whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts”? Humans are living creatures.  A team of healthy, happy humans can synergistically produce optimal leverage, if the foundation is built for this kind of reality.


A hierarchy that places greater importance on title over equality doesn't foster progressive growth for the betterment of all.


When a title dictates progression without any consideration for the betterment of it's entire team, what's suppressed eventually gets expressed, and more likely the results will not be healthy or nurturing ones.


Suppressed environments can become a breeding ground of stagnation and discontent; a reflection of disgruntled worker bees operating out of a robotic state of existence that alienates their minds from expressing and validating joyful, creative, individualistic accomplishments.  


What happens to our bodies when we compartmentalize at the expense of our whole selves? 


Sickness and dis-ease can occur as a byproduct of forcing one’s essence to be in a space where the inherent value of equality is either disallowed or non-negotiable; where fear of punishment or being cut loose ends up being the key reason behind daily attendance.


It’s the "elephant in the room" alot of Corporations refuse to look at, address or shift.


What can happen when titles are given based on favoritism rather than earned? 


Triggers of mental and emotional chaos can erupt when humans experience division vs unification; a unification which occurs within a framework that embodies equal value and worth towards all human endeavors.


What happens if a person in leadership gets attached to their title over service towards the betterment of the whole? 


Rebellion wears many masks; illness, discontent, depression, backbiting, gossip, drama, anger and division; entertainment of the lesser angels of our higher nature.  


A belief system that places more importance on a hierarchy over equality of a human’s potential becomes a stuck and closed operating system; resulting in suppression of gifts each individual in an open operating system can provide.


There are many environments where hierarchy and titles operate; whether personal or professional, yet they don’t have to operate at the expense if it’s sum parts.


While I believe a structure of sorts is beneficial, in that it can establish strong roots and stability overall, the health and wellbeing of the whole is enhanced if a workspace fosters openness and engagement of wellbeing.


Winning work environments operate better when leaders altruistically serve from the heart and reward creativity in equal measures to all participating in the process; where policies towards engaging in open, healthy communication in the midst of difficulties or challenges are offered without retaliation.


I look forward to celebrating more evidence of this possibility.


I believe whenever we choose to love, honor and value ourselves in every way imaginable, we can shift and create workspaces committed to fostering consistant, healthy endeavors and communication, for the greater good.


In closing below is a personal mantra of a workspace where others choose to trade time for money:


“My desired intention is to experience a working environment where leaders foster teamwork, personal growth, mindfulness, compassion and generosity towards all staff and clients. 


Life is too short to invest personal time and energy where any one feels a need to suppress their divine mental or emotional intelligence and wellbeing in order to exist, advance or get along in the exchange of value for money."





Empath, Intuive Life Coach and Founder of Celebrate Wholeness©


Blessings for the Holidays

To all who visit...may you put yourself first on the list of gift giving by spending a moment or two of each day appreciating the spirit and blessings of WHO YOU ARE in the Divine Plan of all things; regardless of any circumstances!  Much love and appreciation for your presence!


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