Validating Courage of Our Little Children (within)

Unexpected financial changes in January through life off kilter for a bit; triggering fears of what the change could bring. Facing past fears created understanding around how they may be connected to beliefs out of alignment with who we are in the present.

Working on past issues through counseling in helped me understand that trauma associated with childhood environments can create layers of clutter in the subconscious (beliefs, perceptions, scattered patterns).  It can also cause a sense of powerlessness to weave itself into experiences we create as reality.

Sometimes that clutter comes a calling when our adult selves desire to expand into unchartered territories.  Sorting through what surfaced felt similar to cleaning closets of stuff no longer useful and needing to be tossed.  In this case focus became centered on clearing debris the mind's closets was holding onto; in relation to fear.

Through centering on breath, relaxing and tuning into body's wisdom, intuitive guidance spotlighted circumstances which occurred around the age of seven, regarding my mother.

Was born into a family of six as a middle child.  My mom started having children at 17.  My birth came on the seventh year of a fourteen year stretch.  Our mother put herself into a very dark (unstable) place; which, for a seven year old, can be very confusing and frightful.  Perceptions of her experiences unconsciously impacted my psychic and empathic energy field; unfathomable to describe with being so young.

Working with intuitive messages spirit offered shifted and integrated those memories into a more deeper, enriching, healing perspective; transmuting fears around being a powerful, smart, classy and strong woman out in the marketplace.  It opened up opportunity to validate and integrate my seven year old's creative strength, courage and hope she held throughout our mother's troubling circumstances. 


The Treasure in Being Seven and Courageous©


It’s ok being me, little beauty Valerie, 

poetic, sparkling, classy, bright;

set in motion for world to see,

life force matching her revelry. 


It’s ok being me, little beauty Valerie,

safe and warm inside our mind;

imagination we can climb.


We’re not lonely anymore, 

unseen friends that we adore;

weaving dreams so ever clear,

telling heart how much they hear.


Crawl on my lap so safe and sound,

while the fires rage around;

life calls forth her mystery,

strange and funny this psychic be.


Only seven and yet unknowing,

the shade behind our mother’s woe;

feel it’s flight now as it moves,

in heavens breath into it goes.


The dove reminds us with her call,

her peace is with us above all;

her wisdom’s here to tell a tale,

life’s not supposed to be so hard;

rather easy once we allow.


It’s ok being me, little beauty Valerie,

we are safe, intuitively free;

roots deeply centered in mother earth,

her springs wash clear all debris.


In mind’s stillness Spirit whispers,

trust your soul, it brings forth truth,

and shines it’s light upon the fruit;

she knows what cares that we embrace,

and wants to guide us with her grace.


It’s ok being me, little beauty Valerie,

we are one now happily;

healing fragments softly woven;

courage brings transparency,

into the heart for safekeeping.


by Valerie G White


Mindful Activism

I believe something has awakened out of the chaos unfolding because our society began slipping into this desensitization of sorts; ignoring our brothers and sisters held hostage by others, yet who's blood runs the same color; or distractions in the superficialities of hollywood idols or consumption of items that become meaningless in less than a year or so, or even ignoring how our inherent rights have been slowly siphoned away by the greed of men creating loopholes behind closed doors. We do have the power to create a different reality, yet that unfolds when we're willing to get beyond the fears of our ego, stand present and naked (transparent) as our divine selves.  We're all immigrants on this journey, whether it be from another country or even another dimension (spiritual consciousness living in a physical body).


 ~May Divine Truth set Our Souls on Fire~


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Love is Easier To Bear

I agree with you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  - Sharing in honor of your work 

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Benefits of Hemimorphite

I have a piece similar to this and what is interesting is the piece I own chose me, in the sense that it reminded me of the ocean, spacious, yet it's depth calm and still.  

As an empath, it helped diffuse other peoples energies so to tune into my own healing vibration.  It helps me let go and go with the flow and allows realignment with higher self by becoming unattached to the illusions of time and space and be still in the moment.


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Are Carrots healthy For You?

Read a great article about carrots from the ezine Eating Healthy by Verywell.  I use carrots in a multitude of ways, especially since they are good for the eyes and have great fiber.  I actually made a kale and black eye pea soup with carrots included that was so tasty! As we mature, our bodies produce less enzymes and raw veggies are great for that.  Since this is a veggie that does contain sugars, just be mindful of the amount you consume, otherwise get creative with them, as they are available year round in most markets!

Benefits of Carrots


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