Jesus and Oneness from Personal Perspective

During a conversation about spirituality, religion and beliefs, someone shared they only follow the bible and Jesus.  Inner guidance prompted me to take a look at this situation based on the broader view experiences have taught me.  


It's a topic I’ve held near and dear based on a different reality experienced with the personhood of Jesus.


While I totally respect freedom of choice as to what they believe is best for them, to not include other avenues of interpretation cuts out learning and awareness based on someone's else's experiential, spiritual truths.


Through conversations over the years about religion, am reminded of numerous times miracles showed up without any affliation to a particular religious organization.  


Have kept quiet alot of times because most of the interpretations expressed to the masses deny how we all have divine power to create reality of choice through being the essence of Divine Creator in human form.


While I personally respect others who follow whatever path calls to them, in the U.S. have met a lot of people who say they believe in Jesus and follow HIS word.  Yet in observation things appear moving in the opposite direction


It begs the question, if there are a lot of people saying they follow, W.W.J.D.? process on a daily basis, why are there still massive poverty, sickness, wars and everything else?  


Why are there not more evidence shared of spontaneous healing, improvement of quality of life?  Why is there not more evidence of light swallowing darkness that appears to imprison the masses with continuous suffering?   


Is it the intrepretation or belief getting in the way?


From the pulpit man interpret stories of Jesus being the son of God and Man; one with the father (God).  As he traveled miracles happened. Their interpretations also share if his followers believe like he does and become born again, they too will be like him; and will do even greater.  Yet, sadly I'm not witnessing this around my local area.


My entire life changed on a dime in the late 80’s after a spiritual awakening that altered everything previously experienced.  This awakening led to years researching a variety of religious beliefs in attempts to intellectually process what experientially occurred.


Following Spirit, life shifted reality to include healing and transformation around old cultural beliefs and patterns.  During studies and in meditation, Spirit intuitively interpretated old scriptures in alignment with personal issues; using language understood in my current, daily life; leading to experiencing a deeper level of trust and faith around being on the right path in unity of spirit, mind and body.


In the quest to experience transparency with higher self, Spirit began offering telepathic information correlating to love, fear, shadow and light.  Through meditation several visions with Jesus was impressed upon my mind. Below is a snippet of what was given.


Jesus arrived as a divine powerful, master teacher who embodied complete harmony in spirit and flesh. His teachings showed us how to become one with thought to physical form based on non duality with Universal Source energy and vibrations. This understanding inspired me to lean towards becoming more lovingly conscious and non-resistent.


Along the process of experiencing more unity additional layers of awareness and understanding occured. These layers shifted and transformed old beliefs, behaviors and conditional patterns beyond the five senses.  


Spirit offered a viewpoint that included consciously blending sixth sense in unity with the other senses, resulting in attraction of additional resources, people and things; expanding information being offered.


After a time of studying and visiting various denominations, found myself no longer attracted to any specific, religious structure that offer one person's interpretation as the only way to experience God, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha, etc. in daily life.


Life does not flow as one size fits all.  What always seemed to be missing in the materials was an inclusion that validated the enriching diversity and variety found in humanity's evolving life and potentiality.  


I honor the Divine in all and believe we attract outside support when we ask.  It was how my spiritual awakening occurred in the first place.  Seek and Ye shall find.  


Being spiritually eclectic, have come to realize conversations that bring the most fun and learning include metaphysical aspects of oneness; divinity; other dimensions; near death experiences; universal truths; after life occurrences; mediumship; spontaneous healing and collective unity.  


Life is always a masterful work in progress, yet found the ability to move through tough circumstances much easier whenever unconditional, non-resistant self love and acceptance is unattached to any manmade label or container.


We are more powerful when we realize and actualize the divine truth of who we are.  May we be abundantly blessed with knowing our inner truth!





Shame Can Be Transformed

During meditation intuitive guidance wanted to help me rewire perceptions of events occurring in my teen years. The perceptions included judgment and condemnation to the mix and weighed heavy on my heart whenever I would attempt to try on something new as an adult.


Condemnation created a loop in the subconscious and whenever similar circumstances showed up, shame was triggered through causing the perception to seem real. Upon opening heart and allowing intuitive guidance to observe perceptions through the eyes of love and grace, was able to see beyond the veil revealing the light of truth within the mix.


Afterwards my mind graciously shifted perceptions, bringing transformation and healing to heart.  Thought it would be helpful to share a snippet of the process that occurred during mediation.



Beloved Sister Shame ~ thank you for exposing how derailed my mind became through misperceiving that love and care were bartering tools to exchange in order to get needs met.   You were became the tool shade called forth when the world  became distrustful, chaotic and confusing.


Without love and forgiveness, everything turned numb; flinging soul through a portal of murky fragments blurring lines between fact and fiction, covering light desiring truth to set mind free.


Beloved sister Shame, heart lovingly appreciates divine wisdom sheltering mind during moments of indescribable suffering.  


Soul called forth truth to dance with conscious awareness. Through intuitive meditation heart received soul's transforming elixir shifting perceptions into harmonious melodies.


Thank you self acceptance for helping soul reclaim power and purpose behind events occurring; fulfilling hopes and dreams ancestors called when desiring healthier boundaries within our family dna.


Much love and light to beloved ancestors offering their assistance through this meditative process.  Thank you for benefitting my children and grandchildren.



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Healing and Transformation are Always Available

Felt led to Brave Up as Kathy Caprino shares, and blog about a memory that came back while listening to Ed Sheeran's song, "Runaway."  I can totally relate to his phrase, "sometimes you have to leave in order to experience healing".


In childhood I carried tremendous burden of shame and blame over issues and circumstances that DID NOT belong to me; however bearing witness from the side lines tremendously impacted ways I played small through being unable to stand up for myself as a teen or adult.  


As a child, intuitively sensed “elephants” in the room; those uncomfortable, challenging issues that felt quite intense in the midst of observation.  At times life became an isolated island because the burdens created challenges around formulating healthy relationships.  I did not trust or feel safe around too many people.


While I loved and adored my parents, was intuitive enough at a young age to sense their behaviors and actions were totally unhealthy and non-supportive; thus created a different reality through running away.


As the saying goes, it's only a matter of time before what gets “suppressed” gets “expressed.”  It wasn't until I consciously began taking power back through changing internal beliefs and perceptions, that the external landscape changed as well.  Taking my power back closed a gap between surviving into thriving.  


In spite of challenges I also carried a deep sense of courage around this idea of there being something more than chaos occuring at home. That courage created hope and opened doors towards many miracles showing up along the way.


During one runaway episode at 15, a friend and I landed in a juvenile prison in New York for about 5 days.  It was literally a miracle we were protected from what others experienced during their stay.  While researching the history of the facility was filled with immense compassion upon learning of the horrendous treatment children endured until it was closed down.


I believe children arrive on the planet flowing PURE love; that's all they know.  As they grow, what's offered is unconditional loyalty.  If parents appear unhappy, some children will strongly desire to help that change; yet can end up feeling confused when parents don’t respond to their help.  Sometimes children believe the rejection is based on something they did and this misperception gets buried inside their mind without resolution.


My children offered so much joy and wonderment while bearing witness to my personal journey of healing and transformation.  They became gracious models of acceptance and safety until I was consciously able to create healthier ways to experience love and acceptance between myself and others.


Personal, intuitive experiences upon a spiritual awakenging helped my mind understand how oneness consciously flows between our innate essence and physical form.  Our essence pours magnificent life force through every pore and cell within our physical bodies; yet somehow our minds can get off track through closing heart down; causing us to become disconnected and desensitized to the mischief and turmoil lesser angels of our nature can activate.


I entertained lesser angels by keeping my heart closed and locked up; manifesting a littered pathway of self destructive behaviors as evidence of being unworthy of true love and affection from another.


My heart finally re-opened through consciously weaving all the broken pieces into a tapestry of healing transformation; beginning with my own conditional self image.  


My heart stays open by consciously choosing to stay unattached to stuff outside my control.  Some days are better than others and it's all okay, as life carries infinite meaning and value through every breath we take.


I was physically present when both parents crossed over and only carry love and compassion for them. Grace runs deep and is a powerful friend to take into the abyss of unresolved, unloving misperceptions between ourselves and others.


These days am thankful and appreciative for second chances.  


For any of you experiencing similar awareness, COME join me in spirit; let's light the world on fire with the amazing POWER OF SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.


We are the miracles our ancestors called forth to help create health and wellbeing along this road of becoming whole in spirit and body.


Ed Sheeran's Song  "Runaway"





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