Coach Mentoring Sessions with Valerie

Are you experiencing happiness and satisfaction in your relationships and life?  Do you feel there could be more?


Understanding how the dynamics of head and heart alignment work in tandem with creating greater awareness, clarity and power of choice is just a part of the process that can lead to experiencing more freedom, ease and joy in relationships and life.


Conscious clarity can lead to lasered focused intentions.  Head and Heart alignment can lead to infusing the passion and creativity necessary to experience a life that intuitively supports soul wisdom, purpose and bliss.


During our sessions simple tools and resources are created to work with your specific circumstances. 


I fully trust your soul knows the best path. 


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I offer a complimentary 15 minute FAQ to see if we are a fit for one another.






"Empowering others to trust their unique voice and discover how they can experience greater value, purpose, freedom and joy in their relationships, life and work. 




Valerie's unique mentorship and coaching has given me the freedom to think intuitively, trust my inner gut and believe in my own unique gifts and talents.  With her compassionate ear and supporting guidance in finding clarity, I've been able to focus on my true passions with more conscious openess, awareness and trust that I didn't experienced before our sessions. AW


I’ve known Valerie for over 30 years.  Seems she's been coaching me with her positive energy and heartfelt advice since we first met.  What I love about her is her great listening skills and thoughtful sage responses.  She helps steer you in a clear direction that is a fit for what you need in your life and career.  She possesses innate marketing skills that are fresh and unique to each client.  I highly recommend her as a holistic life coach, or intuitive, marketing consultant for your life, career or business.  KM


I love how Valerie can help me break challenging circumstances down in a simplistic process.  It opens doors to open my heart and face my fears in order to receive greater clarity and awareness.  I always receive an AHA moment towards what needs to be transformed during our sessions. ES


One thing I find meaningful about my work with Valerie is her ability to tap into the true essence of what I am communicating. I can count on her quick but deep understanding and have lots of fun in the process. MB


In working with Valerie have found her to be always positive and make others feel they have value and worth.  She can be counted on for encouragement and willingness to help in any way. SC


Valerie is very intuitive and personable.  She helps with uncovering anything that's keeping you from being your best; in whatever you're dealing with in the moment! I highly recommend her.  KW